Wisdom teeth, famously misnamed as they bring you no wisdom whatsoever. However, they might bring you pain, swelling, and mess up perfectly aligned teeth. Should you keep these new guests to your mouth permanently or should you remove them? If you keep them, then what? If you decide to go for a wisdom teeth removal Mulgrave procedure, so what? But most importantly, what is this process? Let’s take a look:

What are wisdom teeth?

Wisdom teeth are regular teeth who just decide to come late, age 17-25 mostly. They are called the third molars. They are located at the way back of your mouth and usually come at a time when there is very little space left for more teeth. Thus they are not very wise. You get four of these bad boys in your lifetime. If you are lucky, they arrive quietly and settle in like the rest of your teeth. If you are normal, they will be loud as in they will make you cry in pain loudly. They usually come when the space is limited, so they have to push other teeth to make space for themselves. This ruins the alignment of your bite and causes pain. Furthermore, sometimes the shy ones decide to stay half in and half out. This opens room for infections and causes further gum troubles and swelling. They take their leisure time to arrive, often years, slowly edging their way into your mouth. They do not serve any special purpose unless you like to chew your food at the absolute rear of your mouth. Fun fact: our ancestors needed the extra help chewing, hence the existence of wisdom teeth. Since our food is easier to chew, we have outgrown its evolutionary purpose.

Should you remove them?

Wisdom teeth removal in Mulgrave is a decision most people have to make in their lives. You can keep them or remove them. It depends on their position in your mouth. If they are not causing you any pain and are not severely disrupting the shape of your bite. No harm no foul.

However, if they are causing swelling in your gums, your teeth are getting badly misaligned, you have a hard time chewing due to the pain, it is wise to see a doctor and plan a wisdom teeth removal in Mulgrave. Unless you want to power through the pain and stick to liquids only for the rest of your life. It is totally up to you.

What does removal mean?

Female patient undertaking a wisdom teeth removal Mulgrave procedure

If the tooth is completely out, it is easy to extract it. The dentist will numb your mouth, take their extractor, and pull the tooth out. It will hurt for a short while. But you’ll soon be fine.

If however, the tooth is partially inside the gum and partially outside, the process will be slightly more complicated. You will have to undergo a mini-surgery of sorts. The dentist will make a slight cut in your mouth to access the tooth stuck in your gums and then extract it and sew you back up. This will take a little longer, up to 2 weeks or so to heal.

The bad news is that you can have up to four of these teeth in your mouth. Not all people get four, some can get none and that is normal. If you have to get four removed, you might have to do it individually, with a week or so worth’s interval between each extraction. However, each person’s case is different, if the dentist does not recommend a complete wisdom tooth removal, you still have a little bit of luck. You might get away with just one or two removed. See your dentist for your personalized diagnosis.

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