Why do employers offer corporate flu vouchers?

It’s not alien for employers to offer corporate flu vouchers to their staff. In most cases, they (speaking of corporate companies) often go out of their way to offer flu jabs to their staff or allow them time off to get their jabs.

Even though flu jabs are to be provided for front-line health workers and social care workers as mandated by health regulatory bodies in most parts of the world ( including the United States), the same is not applicable to corporate workers.

As such, most employers make arrangements for corporate flu vouchers to enable their workers to get flu jabs or seasonal flu vaccination in a bid to keep staff healthy (especially over winter) and reduce absenteeism or sick leaves to the barest minimum.

Where is corporate flu vouchers be used?

Flu jabs or vaccinations can be done in the workplace or arranged through primary healthcare providers. In addition to these, a significant number of corporate bodies offer corporate flu vouchers to their employees for use at a participating pharmacy or medical outlets.

However, you should know that it is entirely up to your employer to determine the extent of the corporate flu vouchers coverage, what group of workers qualify for the treatment and vaccination, and whether workers will take time off to go for vaccination or flu jabs or anytime missed will be paid or unpaid.

This brings us to the question that is most likely crossing your mind;

Why do employers offer corporate flu vouchers?

Corporate flu vouchers

There is such thing as rewards and recognition programs in virtually every workplace setting, and they’re intended to boost employee engagement, increase retention and promote a positive work atmosphere. As you can imagine, offering recognition and reward programs like corporate flu vouchers to staff will most likely jerk up their productivity which will, in return, keep them focused and driven towards helping the company achieve its organizational goals.

As we mentioned earlier, reward programs such as corporate flu vouchers drive productivity, retention, and focus among employees. In addition to all of that, other reasons what employers make such gestures include increasing motivation, showing appreciation, and encouraging friendly competition.

Let’s touch on these factors

1. Increase employee motivation

It may interest you to know that offering corporate flu vouchers to employees impacts positively on the performance of staff as it helps them stay on track and foster a positive attitude to work. And where you have positive attitude work, there will be enhanced collaboration among staff to uphold the company’s standard and contribute immensely towards its growth.

2. Ramp up productivity

Providing staff with gift vouchers tells your employees that you care about their wellbeing and are willing to go an extra mile to ensure that they are healthy, and such gestures don’t go unnoticed. When employees feel invested in and appreciated, it often serves as a fuel that drives their productivity as they feel empowered to take charge of tasks assigned to them. Not to just take charge, but also deliver or complete them in good time. And of course, they will deliver the best quality of jobs.

3. Boost employee retention

Recent statistics by HR professionals show that 68% of employees who have experienced reward or recognition programs like corporate flu vouchers are most like to stick around for a long time. Why? The answer is not farfetched; it’s because they won’t like to leave a company that values them, and they would like to reciprocate the gesture with tangible actions.

As such, you won’t be wrong to say programs such as the corporate flu vouchers gears employees towards contributing to the long-term success and growth of the company. Other reasons why corporate flu vouchers effectively reward staff include: they are simple, personalized, and often have no waiting period ( they can be redeemed whenever the staff decides to use them), and they come in handy as a motivational tool. Not to mention that they don’t cost a fortune to launch — they are budget-friendly.

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