Top reasons why you should choose MYOB Greentree

MYOB Greentree can simply be described as an ERP (enterprise resource planning) software that operates in real-time and functions as an integrated on-premise and cloud-based business solution for manufacturing, finance, HR, operations and sales. MYOB greentree is a software you are guaranteed to come across when looking for a new enterprise for resource planning.

Businesses in automotive, 3PL, chemicals, medical equipment, apparel, petroleum, plumbing and HVAC, industrial machinery sectors and more can adapt the solution offered by this tool to suit their business needs.

What are the features of MYOB Greentree?

Key features of MYOB greentree include but are not limited to;

  • Front counter operations
  • inventory management
  • Purchasing and procurement
  • Customer management,
  • Distribution accounting,
  • warehouse management
  • Transportation management
  • Demand and order management

In addition to all of these, users can seamlessly monitor inventory levels and make real-time updates. Analytical data is easily accessible to companies when there is the need for trend study, inventory level checks, forecasting, and cost management. Boundaries can also be customized for the control of budgets.

Top reasons why you should choose this software

MYOB Greentree

If you’re in the process of selecting an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) or Financial Management Software provider, it is always best to think about the key areas where they excel; their unique selling points and how they address your pain points/needs and the associated benefits it will bring to your business.

Here are the top reasons you should consider MYOB greentree software as the ideal ERP solution.

  • Functional depth of existing suites

It has extensive functionality that goes beyond being your typical financial management software. Its functionality supports various business requirements for different-sized firms operating in different industries. The fact that it is very flexible and adaptable towards meeting the various needs of a wide range of industries is also an added advantage.

  • Integration capacity

One feature that puts this MYOB greentree software in high demand is that it can be easily integrated with an array of different modules (offers up to 80 integrated modules). This makes it one of the top options for businesses who want requirements delivered without having to compromise their process or go through lengthy customization.

  • Ease of configuration

Because of how easy ERP software can be configured to meet specific market challenges of your business, MYOB Greentree is a favored choice. This level of configuration is not something you would normally find at this market level. Even if you do, you might end up paying more money for a system that is not even substantially more powerful.

  • Functions that go well beyond accounting

This vital tool is much more than a simple accounting software. Some of its value-added features include management of documents and information, auto scanning and automated sending of reports and business documents.

  • Client Relationship

MYOB Greentree is very popular amongst customers because the company builds an excellent relationship with its clients. Great customer support is vital to understanding the complicated nature and proper implementation of ERP systems. They offer guidance and support to discuss the process of properly integrating your systems and what options would work best for your business.

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