The Mural Artist and the Client's Delight

More often than not, a Mural Artist in this present day is commissioned to produce a work of art on a wall or ceiling, either inside a building or on an outside wall for public display. Rarely does a Mural Artist enjoy the luxury of unleashing his creativity in producing whatever work of art he or she wishes to do. Think of Pope Julius forcing Michelangelo in 1508 to paint the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel which took four years to complete and permanently damaged the artist’s eyesight. An artist of the largest canvass on public display must bend his creative genius to the expectations of a client and still produce a masterpiece that fulfils the demands of what he is paid to do. How does he or she do this?

How Does a Mural Artist Call Upon Inspiration for His Clientele?

The best artists that diverge into murals are already accomplished masters of traditional forms of drawing and painting and illustrating, and have now turned their expertise to the broadest canvasses available. In order to fund their practice, they must take on clients that commission them to produce murals for promotional products, events, personal indulgences, or in the case of government interests, famous personalities from history and popular culture.

To successfully produce a mural from an idea that is given to them, a mural artist must be able to draw upon inspiration that incorporates the initial idea and expresses that idea with the full complement of the talents and abilities the mural artist possesses. How does a Mural Artist ignite a preconceived idea into a work of art that emblazons an exterior or interior wall, or sets alight a ceiling for all to see? Well, the artist of walls and ceilings must bring together research into the given idea with talent that can transform the idea into something that surpasses ordinary standards.

The Mural Artist will take the given idea, whether it be a product or event, or commissioned theme, and work with the client to explore possibilities for the finished mural. The artist who paints on walls and ceilings will consider the environment of the huge canvass, the surrounding community if the artwork is to be painted outdoors, the themes present in the promotional campaign, and will complete initial sketches and designs that will incubate the idea to completion.

How Does a Mural Artist Transform Concept into Completed Work of Art?

Mural artist and client

Once the idea has been agreed upon with the client, and inspiration has been gathering momentum, the Mural Artist will gather the tools of his trade and prepare paintings and illustrations in microcosm in his or her workshop. The panoramic artist will begin countless images of the proposed final mural, all in portable form, taking into account the client’s directions and the artist’s own perceptions of the location site. Once the artist of largesse has completed the pre-mural sets of illustrations, he or she will confirm the final image with the client. Then the on-site production will begin.

How Does a Mural Artist Translate a Smaller Image onto a Huge Canvass?

Size does matter for the completion of a mural that expands across metres of a wall or ceiling but capturing the finer details of human emotion or intricate themes is a specialty the best Mural Artist is keenly aware of. The artist that translates a smaller illustration onto a huge wall may use a projector and grid, and of course, larger brushes and equipment, but there come moments when he or she will capture the finest details from the original concept onto a larger scope purely by skill alone.

This could be the expression on the face of a famous personality the Mural Artist is painting, or it could be the themed colours of a new product that must be perfectly expressed. This is where the talent of the best Mural Artist comes into play, and which makes them so highly regarded and much sought after by clients from all around.

The best Mural Artist can work from the microcosm to the macrocosm of artistic expression, and whether the canvas is small or large, he or she will always capture the essence of their own genius combined with the client’s own preferences.

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