The Most Important Factors to Consider When Planning Custom Stockyards

If you’re thinking about constructing or remodelling your custom stockyards, there are a few things to keep in mind. The general behaviour of your cattle are, without a question, the most significant factor in determining the layout of your yard.

Custom stockyards should be constructed to accommodate the livestock’s natural habits. This implies you must first learn about your animals’ individual inclinations. Among them are the following:

Cattle dislike staring towards strong reflections or direct sunshine. As a result, the layout should take precautions to avoid this.

Cattle may see poorly illuminated entrances as a no go zone, and they may refuse to proceed. As a result, make provisions for enough illumination.

Cattles are natural herders that tend to follow other creatures. They come to a halt as they see a herd of other animals racing around them. As a result, to assure cattle movement, operators might consider employing loading ramps and pens.  

With this knowledge, you may begin construction on your cow yard. Below are some of the most important factors to consider while starting to design and build the construction.


Usually when designing a cow yard, the actual location is the most important factor to consider. Take your time to look about your property and select the finest spot with easy access to a road that can handle all weather conditions. Electric buildings and wires, for example, should be kept far away.

The general slope of the site, as well as the surface of the ground and floor, should all be taken into account. Falls and trips would be less likely as a result of this. For the security and welfare of your animals, the placement of your custom stockyards should be close to a body of water and shade.

Custom stockyards made for the future

Consider custom stockyards

Custom stockyards aren’t something you build today and then demolish shortly later. It doesn’t need to be a structure you have to keep forever, but it should survive for quite a while in order to justify the investment put into it. As a result, you shouldn’t build your stockyard just for the time being. You must also think about your company and its future.

What kind of workload do you expect for your farm in the future? What will make the workload run smoothly? Your stockyard should be able to support a variety of livestock activities and be constructed to accommodate various handling techniques.

A designated barrier space for the safety of handlers and equipment is also required. It’s also important to consider including a few emergency exits and access points in the stockyard, particularly around the work area.  

Custom stockyards and their materials

You may construct your personalised stockyards out of a variety of materials. Concrete, timber, and steel are among them. The materials you choose are typically determined by a variety of factors, including your budget, availability, weather appropriateness, and the sort of cattle you have on your farm. You should ensure that you set up high-pressure areas to be sturdy.

Final note

Before you start building your bespoke stockyards, make sure you have a well-thought-out plan. You’re more likely to encounter problems with the construction if your design is flawed. It would be smart to get the help of a specialist to do the task on your behalf.  

If you decide to utilise a supplier for construction and layout, don’t give them control over process. Remember, you know how to operate your farm best. As a result, provide feedback about how you imagine your yard will appear, this will help you to style your custom stockyard exactly as you like.

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