Sydney timber flooring versus laminate flooring

A common dilemma faced by customers looking for a flooring solution is deciding between laminate and Sydney timber flooring. Because they are so similar in appearance, choosing between the two can be a tough decision. 

To assist you in determining which kind of flooring will be the greatest match for your requirements and available space, we’ll go over the fundamental distinctions between laminate and Sydney timber flooring.

What is laminate and how does it work?

Laminate is a very common choice for consumers since it is available in hundreds of different colours and designs. A lot of people assume it’s a product made entirely of plastic but it’s actually not. There are actual multiple layers to a laminate board.

  • A foundation made of fibreboard
  • Photographic image layer is a layer that contains photographs.
  • Wear layer that is transparent (to protect from the sun and scratching).
  • Laminate nowadays is much better looking, more hard-wearing and better underfoot than it ever used to be.

Laminate flooring are particularly popular in living spaces where there is little to no risk of heavy exposure to moisture.

What is Sydney timber flooring and how does it work?

Sydney timber floor often comes natural – as solid wood, or engineered. Engineered products with a real timber layer on top of a foundation of plywood, rather than being solid wood throughout. Both engineered and solid Sydney timber flooring are durable and come with a range of benefits. Most notably in their appearance.

Engineered Wood Flooring is a kind of wood flooring that has been engineered to be more durable. When compared to laminate, it certainly has the edge in terms of looks.


Sydney timber flooring

Both engineered and real Sydney timber flooring are available in a lot of different designs and colours, just like laminate. But whilst, laminate has changed a lot with major technical developments in recent years, allowing it to more closely resemble wood floors it still isn’t quite as beautiful as the real thing. Premium laminates include more convincing textures, richer colours, and thicker boards that provide a more genuine appearance to the wood grain texture but despite this, it is still an imitation. Nothing can perfectly imitate the natural texture of real wood.

In terms of looks, Sydney timber flooring will always exceed that which you can get from laminate.

Resistance to water and heat

You’ll find laminate products are often labelled as being resistant to water, but the fibrewood core of the flooring is prone to moisture damage when water gets in between the boards. If kept dry and cleaned quickly when spills happened, they’re fine, but they can warp if exposed to water.  

Sydney timber flooring is often coated with a surface sealant that is both waterproof and durable. It is important to note though that it can crack and expand if not properly coated and maintained.


Laminate flooring is relatively low maintenance due to the presence of a plastic layer that can be readily wiped clean. A regular vacuum or mop is usually are usually sufficient to maintain both laminate and Sydney timber floors in a reasonable amount of time. It is critical that liquid be cleaned up as soon as possible on both kinds of flooring.


Both laminate and real wood have a long lifespan and are quite durable. It is not possible to repair laminate flooring in the event that it is severely damaged. As an alternative, it must be totally dismantled and replaced.

Because hardwood flooring has a robust surface finish, it can actually be sanded and refinished at least once over its lifetime, making it the more durable and long-lasting alternative in terms of overall durability and longevity.

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