Step 1: State the problem and the objective –

When there is a problem between the members of a family, it is essential to follow a step by step approach to reach a solution. Therefore, the first step in this problem-solving process is to state the essence of the problem and then deriving what needs to be done to find a solution. The crux of this point is that it is vital to first acknowledge the problem as existing as avoidance will only land you in deeper trouble until it becomes too late to make any amends.


Step 2: Set rules and code of conduct 

Problem-solving even within the family requires some guidelines to be followed. This is so because sometimes while trying to solve a problem thing may get out of hand and to prevent this, it is essential to let all the members know how to conduct themselves during this process. Overall ensure you emphasize enough on how important it is to resolve conflicts peacefully.

 code of conduct 


Step 3: Brainstorm solutions

Many brains are better than one. So the answer to all problems can be obtained if thought out by all members of the family. Permit every members input and identify a potential solution.


Step 4: Evaluate the potential solutions and the risks associated

Once you identify some potential solutions, it is essential to go through all the possible risks associated with these solutions and also the pros and cons. The reason behind having to identify the pros and cons of each solution is so that it is easier to zero on the solution with the least cons and the most pros. This is always the right and the most peaceful solution of the lot.


Step 5: Arrive at a Consensus 

Once you are done evaluating, it is crucial to ensure you are all on the same page concerning the solution you want to opt for. For this to happen, you need to engage in a mindful discussion to understand everyone’s point of view and then try and finalize on one solution that works best for all. Strive for a solution as a team and come to a consensus about the best strategy to resolve the conflict and if need be get ready to negotiate and always be open to unique and new means of problem-solving.


Step 6: Implementation and Performance Evaluation

Once the solution is decided upon, and the members of the family are aware of what it is, it is now the responsibility of those involved in the conflict to implement it. This means that the subjects of the dispute are required to take all possible measures to work towards resolving the issue at hand. As a family, it is important to learn to keep your ego aside at such times and ask for forgiveness if you are on the wrong side and forgive if you are on the right side.

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