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No matter where you live in the world, you have to hold on to the notion that summer is just around the corner. If indeed, summer is actually around the corner for you, or you are right smack bang in the middle of summer, then that usually means one thing, swimming! If you want to go swimming, whether it is on the beach or in a pool, you are probably going to need a bathing suit.

There are a lot of different bathing suits and styles, all for different body shapes, but if you are really looking for that wow factor, you simply cannot go past designer bathing suits, which will for sure get heads turning. If you are looking for something a little bit extra, designer bathing suits are definitely the way to go, and just like regular bathing suits, they come in all shapes and sizes, so you can find the one the matches your body perfectly.

You are probably already aware of the most common types of bathing suits that are available for you to purchase, but there are a few new styles that are really set to make a splash this season! So, have a read on below at some popular designer bathing suits that you should consider:

Underwire Top

This bathing suit top is perfect for those looking for a little bit more support and they essentially look like a typical bra (that has underwire). The good news is that a number of these types of bathing suit tops are that they can come either with or without padding, depending on the type of look you are going for.

High Neck Swim Suit

This is something that is become quite trendy recently and it is a one-piece bathing suit that essentially has a crew neck, so it is very high cut. It is something that you may not have seen before, but it can be a really good option if you are not a particular fan or revealing bikinis or other related bathing suits.

High Waisted Bottoms

You have probably already heard of this type of bathing suit bottoms and they are very popular right around the world. This bathing suit bottom sits comfortably above your waist, around your belly button. People who wear high waisted bottoms can either match it with the same pattern for the top or have a mismatched bathing suit, which is very popular these days as well.

Bralette Top

This bathing suit top essentially looks like a crop singlet top style. Unlike a typical bathing suit top, this bralette top continues down on your torso and sits a few centimeters above your belly button. If you are looking for a new and interesting style this summer season, then you certainly should consider this as an option.

Full Coverage Bottoms

Not everyone likes to wear skimpy bathing suits when out at the beach or in the pool, if you are one of these people, then you should certainly consider the full coverage bottoms. As the name would suggest it pretty much covers your entire bottom, and it also has the sort of high waisted bottom vibe to it as well.

Asymmetrical Top

While many people focus on the colors of their bathing suit to make them stand out from the rest, another option you can take is with the design style of the bathing suit. Asymmetrical tops like a one-shoulder design are really becoming more popular; because it offers something a little bit different to your usual swimsuit design, if this is something you are interested in, make sure you take a look.

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