woman standing next to a window with blockout curtains

Are you thinking about buying a set of blockout curtains for your home or business? They’re a great investment and give a chic, contemporary shade solution that gives a great level of privacy and light control.

However, there are a lot of different sources from which you can purchase a set of blockout curtains, and this makes it difficult to know where to go. This is an investment that is a little more involved than choosing where to buy a coffee or what to have for lunch, so you want to make sure you are equipped with the best knowledge possible.

To help you out, take a look at the tips below for finding the best blockout curtains near you.

1.    Examine a variety of providers

The first step in your product research journey is to use the internet to search for providers of blockout curtains local to you. You want to go with someone local so that you can minimise the time it will take to get your product installed, and to make accessing after-market support a little easier.

When you perform an internet search for this kind of provider, you will no doubt be greeted with many different results. While all of them will claim to be your best source for window furnishings like blockout curtains, you need to dig a little deeper and make your own evaluation.

It’s a good idea to do a quick browse and make a list of 3 or 5 websites that seem to fit what you are looking for. The next step is to take a look at the information on their website and determine how good of a business they really are.

A website that has pages that slow to a crawl or have poor formatting is not a dealbreaker, but they are a sign that the business isn’t on it’s A-game. Ideally, you want to buy blockout curtains from a business that has its ducks in a row and has a great presentation.

Check their credibility

You should make sure that you are buying from a licensed reseller so that you can avoid getting any imitation products. While these fakes might be a lot cheaper upfront, they will cost you much more in time and money wasted when you realise that they fall apart and don’t have the same durability as the real thing.

If they are a licenced reseller, then they will be able to get easy access to replacement parts and support straight from the manufacturer. This also means they will be verified as knowing the correct way to help you install the blockout curtains you have purchased.

Make sure you pay close attention to their credibility and do all the checks you need to in order to ensure they are the real deal. If you are unsure, then it’s safer to go with someone else you can be sure of when you are seeking to buy a set of blockout curtains for your home or business.

Measure, measure, measure!

No matter if you are buying a new sofa, a bookcase, or a set of blockout curtains – you need to have accurate measurements. It would be terrible to end up spending your money on something that does not fit snugly with your home, and either looks awkward or is unable to function properly.

If you get blockout curtains that aren’t the right length, then they won’t cover the whole window and won’t give you the best privacy and light control benefits. This is why it’s best to go with a provider who can inspect your home and give you a free measurement and quote.

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