How Companies Make Online Team Building Activities Worth The Time

A majority of enterprises who have professionals in remote locations will have been presented with the idea of online team building activities.

This concept has been a central player during the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic where companies had to keep departments at a physical distance.

While some outlets would overlook the value of these programs, others would see the type of results that other businesses were achieving through some basic levels of engagement.

This is a chance to see how brands make these ventures worth the time and effort. 

Get Everyone to Buy-In

The best approach that brands can take with online team building activities from the outset is to ensure that men and women are getting involved in the program. If they don’t feel like they have a stake in the process, then it will be doomed to fail. Ultimately this is their time being used, so if they are happy with the environment and what is attempting to be achieved through this level of digital communication, then it will become a sustainable model to engage with.

Make Times Flexible

Online team building activities will be worth the time when individuals can actually make the time. If there are participants who are unavailable for some times and there are schedule clashes, it is worthwhile having people log in, engage and then have those streams available later to watch. Not everyone will be on the same schedule, so it is beneficial to be fluid in this context to make the most of online team building activities. 

Open Engagement to Any Device Format

Online team building activities

Some participants who are logging in for a day or an evening won’t be in front of their desktop device. Certain professionals don’t even have a static computer as they will take a laptop, tablet or mobile with them as they plug into the Bluetooth connection and work from a handheld item instead. Rather than imposing any strict regulations on this front, it is worthwhile taking advantage of the diverse format options and opening up the program to people with mobiles, tablets, laptops and desktops to make it easier.

Mixing Formal & Informal Activities

Thankfully online team building activities can work just as well as offline ventures when companies decide to mix and match between formal and informal. On one hand there will be brain teaser games and trivia to have a structured flow. Then there will be the options that are a bit more fun, featuring virtual pub crawls, tiny campfires, photo challenges, dance parties, recipe roundups and games that are geared around seasonal periods like Christmas, Halloween and Easter.

Find Activities That Deliver High Impact

What is the real objective of online team building activities? This should not be seen as a box ticking exercise by management to make it appear as though they are doing the right thing. In order to maximise time and use it wisely, this should be a program that is aimed at delivering a high impact and sustainable results. From the establishment of strong interpersonal relationships to enhancing knowledge on subjects and breaking down barriers, these ventures will prove to be effective if they are more than generic exercises designed to satisfy workplace requirements.

Not Creating Hard & Fast Rules

While it is important to get buy-in from everyone involved to make online team building activities worth the time and effort, it is beneficial not to impose strict rules that leave little room for movement and flexibility. Once a single leader has been designated and the team dynamic feels comfortable with them leading the session, then it can be an open forum where games and activities are trialed. The greater the level of experimentation, the easier it will be to find activities that everyone loves.

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