Holistic Wellness Coaching Brings Balance to Your Life

Holistic Wellness Coaching is the buzz phrase for all modern 21st century health seekers and individuals that have come to realize wellness is about the entire person, from mind and emotions, to the spiritual, and to the body. Holistic Wellness Coaching is a way of coordinating a number of non-medical alternative treatments and physical practices into a schedule that individuals can follow under the guidance of a coach.

This type of coaching has its roots in a general turning away from reliance on prescription medicines and surgical procedures in the 1960s, and a turning towards Eastern practices such as acupuncture and yoga, and more ancient Western herbal remedies. Eventually this culminated in a national conference in 1975, in the USA on holistic health education, and from there Holistic Wellness Coaching has become an accepted and respected part of the entire medical and health industries.

What is the Method of Holistic Wellness Coaching?

Holistic Wellness Coaching generally involves a practitioner guiding a health seeker to begin certain practices that fall under the Holistic banner. The Wellness Coach may or may not be a practitioner of a holistic therapy such as acupuncture in Traditional Chinese Medicine, or an Ayurvedic therapist in the Indian tradition of yoga, but will at least refer the individual to a person who is certified in a holistic practice if needed.

Holistic Wellness Coaching begins with an overall appraisal of a client’s illnesses, lifestyle, , exercises, diet and nutrition, spiritual practices, and how they maintain mental health. The Holistic Coach is looking to bring about balance in all these areas of a client’s life, and that is where the ‘whole’ emerges in the designation Holistic.

For instance, if a client is overweight and is also suffering from stress, Holistic Wellness Coaching might suggest he or she begin learning yoga or tai chi to lose weight, and to change their diet to more organic and non-processed foods. The wellness coach will also address the client’s mental health from the angle of exercises in meditation and visualization. The coach will also look at a person’s lifestyle and negative influences such as smoking or drinking, and try to find treatments to address addictions, with acupuncture being one well-known treatment.

Holistic wellness coaching balance

Holistic Wellness Coaching makes the distinction between fitness and health, as we know from the lifestyles of some top sportsmen, being physically fit does not mean a person is healthy. And furthermore, physical health is just one part of overall or Holistic wellness.

The Holistic Coach will also address any non-life-threatening illnesses and may treat these illnesses themselves if they are qualified in an appropriate alternative therapy or may schedule treatment with a practitioner who is qualified.

Coaching in holistic terms involves the practitioner helping the client establish positive routines in daily life, finding motivation, transforming emotional attitudes, healing the body with diet and alternative gentle exercise, and caring for the mind with techniques such as seated meditation, chi kung breathing exercises, or yoga visualisations.

Holistic Wellness Coaching will also set a timeframe of a number of weeks to transform a client’s life holistically and for the better, and ensures that new routines are well established in a client’s life and lifestyle.

How to Find a Holistic Wellness Coaching Centre?

Most metropolitan areas and even rural towns will have some form of holistic therapy available whether it be acupuncture or yoga, or deep tissue massage. Holistic Wellness Coaching centres can be found online or in the phone book and are not so word of mouth that they are kept secret. If there are no Holistic Wellness Centres available in your area, then a therapist who practices a form of holistic treatment may be able to point you in the right direction.

There are also online sites that give Holistic Wellness Coaching lessons in the form of videos or even video-link instruction. Holistic Wellness Coaching is fast becoming the go to program for bringing about health and balance in a person’s life, especially in this high-tech, fast paced modern world.

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