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So, what exactly is an electrical wholesaler? What do they sell, how do they sell it, and where do they fit in the chain of selling? With the rise of technology products during the early 2000s, the market share and space for growth afforded to your average electrical wholesaler has never been more significant. While commercial sales are still dominated by the major players (both in Australia and abroad), there are many great advantages you can receive by working with electrical wholesalers. Still unconvinced? Well, read on to put those suspicions to rest.

Putting things into context

First thing’s first, it’s imperative that we accurately define what an electrical wholesaler is. They are a person or company that sells products in large quantities to retailers. Consequently, they are the entity that comes just before commercial retailers in the chain of production. So, what are some of the benefits of this?

Lower prices

We all know how expensive tech products can be; phones, tablets, desktops, headphones, computers, accessories, thermometers, switchboards and other random products. If you want to save money and be as affordable as you can, then heading directly to the distributor is the decision you should make. This is because you are keeping the standard percentage mark-up that you’ll receive from your average local retailer.

Better range of goods

Besides, choosing an electrical wholesaler will give you access to a more excellent range of products and items. Many high niche items often don’t make it to the shelves of popular retailers, mainly because those products aren’t in high demand and so the revenue gained from them is negligible. As a result, you often must go directly to the distributor or sometimes even the manufacturer to ensure that you get access to a specific item you need. Indeed, it could be a particular type of switchboard or primus that simply isn’t available in your local hardware store or retailer.

Consistent quality

Sourcing your industrial goods from an electrical wholesaler is also very beneficial because they generally bring a higher level of quality to their goods. For a product to get to a retailer, it needs to go through more intermediaries before it gets to your local outlet. During this process, the product could be damaged or broken, which could result in you buying a defective product and needed to replace it. Go directly to the distributor or manufacturer instead, and you can bypass these risks, ensuring that your purchased product is reliable and safe for use.

Purchase in bulk

Another great advantage of purchasing from a distributor or direct manufacturer is the option of bulk-buying. Not only will you get these products for a lower per-unit rate, but you’ll be able to purchase more of them because bulk-sellers generally have more in stock at one time. Conventional retailers are usually limited in terms of how much capital they can load and cater for at one time. If you’re planning on providing these products to many people, then your best bet is to get in touch with your local electrical wholesaler for all your tech-related needs.

More local to you (if you’re regional)

If you live in an isolated area, then chances are it could be a bit of a trip to your local supermarket or retailer. In many instances, you’re better off going to a distributor because their factory or warehouse is probably closer to your home. Check out which distributor is nearest to you and cross-reference that with your local retailer.

There are many excellent benefits of choosing your local electrical wholesaler over a retailer. Chances are you’ll get access to higher quality goods at lower prices, many of which you’ll be able to purchase in bulk.

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